This blog is a catalogue of my published fiction, a collection of short stories either unpublished or available online, and a discussion of all things writing. Here you will find tales of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and everything in between. Enjoy.

Story Guide

In Order of Chronology 
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Written in 2009

The Haunted and the Bereaved - a ghost asks for his son's forgiveness for his wicked crimes (Science Fiction)

Dark Creation - a curious god decides to create life (Science Fiction)

The Glass Eye - two boys' encounter with an old woman (General Fiction)

Temporary Extinction - a couple investigates their ice age society's mysterious origins (Science Fiction)

The Warlock’s Hunt - one man's quest to live forever (Fantasy)

Written in 2010

Trial and Error - in an alternate history of World War II, a man builds a spaceship to heaven (Science Fiction)

The Laughing Mirror - stranded, a man seeks help from an old woman with a dark secret (Horror)

Into the Light - a group of villagers from the world of dark journeys to cross into the light (Fantasy)

The Perfect Lawn - an old man's struggle with sanity, loss, and perfection (General Fiction)

Lot’s Wife - a retelling of the Genesis story from the perspective of Lot's wife (General Fiction)

Written in 2011

The Intergalactic Book Club - two aliens peruse Earth's library of fiction (Science Fiction)

Pristine Art - a janitor's glimpse into the life of a child prodigy (General Fiction)

Meet Your Maker - a man builds a machine to locate his creator . . . and kill him (Science Fiction)

Second Chances - an astronaut journeys through the far reaches of space only to come across a second Earth (Science Fiction)

Sons of the Desert - two brothers steal camels and ride into the desert, but trouble rises with the Sun (General Fiction)