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Friday, July 26, 2013

Update 4: Leeches and Rhinos

Updates! Updates! Updates!

I must first announce here that my science fantasy novel, The Leech World, is going to be published by Hunt Press. It's all still in the early stages, with a tentative release for February, 2014, but get excited because this is happening. I've been working on The Leech World since 2010 or so, and the manuscript actually served as my senior thesis in college. Since then I've been editing it like crazy and shopping around for agents or publishers. Others have shown interest in the book in the past, but I've waited patiently until now, and Hunt Press is a good fit. Expect more updates about the novel soon!

As for short(er) fiction, my novelette, "Into the Light," recently received an Honorable Mention in Quarter 2 of the Writers of the Future contest. I mentioned "Into the Light" in a previous update. I don't think I've ever worked on any story as hard as this one. It's gone through a ridiculous number of drafts, and has grown from around 9 or 10,000 words, still a sizable story, to 18,000 words. Now I just have to find a publisher willing to accept this absurdly long fantasy story.

My short story, "A Hero's Only Request," is going to be published by Deepwood Publishing in their Ruined Cities anthology. As a teaser: this story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where its citizens occupy themselves by destroying microwaves and clocks, which they deem evil relics of the past. Things get sort of insane from there, and I don't want to ruin it, so we'll just leave it at that.

Remember that my short story, "Second Chances," is still on its way; it will be out in December through Another Realm, which you can read online. "The Haunted and the Bereaved" should also be out at some point from Static Movement. When I know, you'll know. 

If you simply cannot wait to read more of my fiction, and you think you'll black out and free all the animals at the zoo if you do not read another word from me soon, there's a backlog of stories on this blog. If you've read all these stories, good for you, but you're fresh out of luck. Remember to free the lions last so they don't terrorize the other animals. It might also be a good idea to ride on top of a rhino, if possible. It'll be harder to catch you. Also take pictures.

Until next time,
Daniel Kason     

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